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Airfix brings us the 25PDR Field Gun & Morris Quad.  The Quad served with Field Artillery Regiments. Each regiment had 36 Quads; 24 towed a limber and gun, and 12 towed two limbers.  First issued late 1939 and first used in action in France in 1940s.

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First issued late 1939 and first used in action in France in 1940s the Quad served with Field Artillery Regiments.
It was a popular vehicle although really too small for all the equipment that was carried. It was also underpowered when towing and loaded. Moving 9 tons with a 70 bhp engine was not ideal, and its speed uphill was unspectacular. Considerable use had to be made of the winch on hills and in mud. Later in the war, when the Anti-tank Regiments were equipped with 6 pounder and 17 pounder guns, Quads were issued as tractors. Normally these guns were towed without a limber but some 17 pdrs were towed with limbers. This can only have been for the aid of the limber's brake, and a smoother tow, as the ammunition would not fit in a limber. At the end of the War the Quad stayed in British service in the same roles. It saw extensive action in the Korean War and Malaya. Many of the Commonwealth and Allied forces took their Quads to their home Countries, and were provided with more ex British ones to fully re-equip. The Royal Netherlands Army subsequently made extensive use of theirs in the East Indies. The British rebuilt many of their Quads in the early 1950s, extending their useful life until 1959 when the last was sold off. They were replaced by 3 ton tractors, which were derived from the Bedford RL and Fordson Thames E4.


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